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Accessorize with Jones New York for a Complete Wardrobe

Posted on Apr 2, 2015 in Accessories

It’s all about breathing luxury at your own fingertips.

Jones New York has been heading in the apparel and footwear business. It has established its name for arête in product excellence and worth as well as in operational execution. Their acclaimed vision is to ignite desire, instill confidence, and stimulate compliments. Perfect enough for a perfect clothing industry leader of today.

The Jones Apparel has division of different lines specially catering the customer’s fashion desires. It is shredded into Better Apparel, Bridge and Designer Apparel, Footwear, Accessories and Jewelry; Junior Apparel and Denim; and the Moderate Apparel and Denim. It also has its licensed divisions in Dockers, Givenchy Jewelry and J.G. Hook.

Each division is made up of different famous fashion brands . Together they successfully build an empire of fashion saga inspired by listening to what their individual customers’ needs and wishes are. Through those few committed partners in their fashion kingdom, they were able to keep up the valise of world – renowned, fascinating brands. Among the “chosen ones” are Nine West, Anne Klein, Bandolino, Kasper, Easy Spirit, Le Suit, Erika, Jeanstar, GLO Jeans, Gloria Vanderbeit and many others. For nearly 40 years, they have embodied and long – established to be novel, consumer – focused and competent player in the clothing business.

jones new york clothing

Attribution @ Mike Mozart

Jones New York merchandises and designs a broad lineup of products that includes the Jones New York accessories, sportswear, jeanswear, suits, dresses, menswear, shoes and costume jewelry. New York handbags are one of the picks of the chic women. It presents your choice of hobo style made of naked pebble leather, or a simple yet chic shoulder bag. The designer also introduces Jones New York ties that you can choose from either accentuated, alternating stripes, dotted, outlined or plainly elegant-looking neckwear.

Year 1991 when Jones New York was included in the prestigious listings of New York Stock Exchange. Sales and profits boost until the company reached the billion dollar sales level in the year 1996. Each year, the company has purchased several labels to include in their fashion niche. The year 2002 was a significant year for the company having completed its acquisition of various clothing companies, not to mention, those leading manufacturers of the affordable jeanswear. Then follows the all the other brand labels that contributed to the vast expansion of the company.

One of the company’s brands like Judith Jack also puffs up its enduring set of jewelry creations that is distinguished for its unique and sophisticated craftsmanship. It features marcasite stones hand-made in sterling silver and often intensified with authentic semi – precious stones. The brand exhibits a far – reaching gamut of earrings, bracelets, brooches, rings and necklaces. Givenchy, another Jones New York brand is also a leading jewelry distributor for the company. Jones New York also has a wide selection of dresses, cardigans and skirts made from comfortable clothing materials befitting any occasions. They come from the brands, Pappagallo, Easy Spirit and some others. Their shoe brand labels also swank its must – have footwear. Nine West, Bandolino and other shoe company initiate its creation.

No wonder Jones New York became a Fortune 500 company and continues to lead the fashion market in crafting and featuring footwear, branded apparel, and accessories. The company also directly markets through their chain of branches and stores operating the Barneys New York chain of luxury stores.

Sidney Kimmel founded the Jones New York and became the President of the Apparel Division. The dynamic force following the Jones New York sensation is the product of remarkable hard work, harmony, and commitment among the brand labels and the company itself.

Feel light and take in luxury just like breathing air with Jones New York accessories and apparels.

I adore Marc Jacobs Shoes and Here’s Why

Posted on Mar 15, 2015 in Shoes

The way how you carry yourself speaks for what kind of person you are. Consequently, the way how you dress yourself defines how good or bad your taste is. That is why, choosing the right apparels with the proper accessories and shoes that go along with it is very important. Marc Jacobs shoes are just perfect for you.

In a world where people are getting more and more particular with their looks, everything has to be carefully planned: the choices of dresses, the colors, and the accessories. Having the perfect pair of shoes plays a major role in complementing your over-all look. Marc Jacobs shoes are capable enough to meet their clients’ satisfaction for a look that is subtle yet presentable and elegant in some ways.

A known American fashion designer named Marc Jacobs, born April 9, 1963, founds these shoe brands. Being born and raised in New York City, the young Marc Jacobs was exposed to the fashion world at a very early age. That is why he decided to enroll in the prestigious High School of Arts and Design, where he graduated in the year 1981. From there, he enrolled the Parsons School of Design in New York City, where he eventually won an award call the Perry Ellis Gold thimble Award by 1984. During that same year, he also garnered an award from the Chester Weiberg Gold Thimble Award and also the Design Student of the Year Award. Obviously, his consistent awards can speak for itself what a great and efficient designer Marc Jacobs is.

While still inside the fashion design schools, Jacobs was inspired to design his very first collection of hand-knitted sweaters. During that time, the young designer formed a partnership with another known fashion brand named Jacobs Duffy Designs Inc. Two years after, Jacobs has successfully launched his very own collections, this time bearing his own Marc Jacob label. Because of that, he was awarded by The Council of Fashion Designers of America, a Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent; the youngest designer to receive the most prestigious award in the fashion industry.

marc jacobs shoes

Attribution @ Kristin Kokkersvold

The budding fashion designer continued to soar high, creating designs and styles that cater particularly to women. Again, in 1992, he was awarded the Women’s Designer of the Year Award for his many designs for women of all ages. Following his training form the prestigious designing school, he created a new collection of products, like other fashion accessories, focusing on light and pastel colors. But the Marc Jacobs shoes collections are more on dark colors like black and brown. The Calf leather boots from Marc Jacobs boots have chic designs, made from genuine leather. These stunning pairs are chic enough to draw attention every step that you take. It has contrasting subtle topstitching, which makes these pair loom more elegant and sophisticated. You can have these Marc Jacobs shoes for about six hundred fifty dollars, though there are some discount Marc Jacobs shoes available if you are patient enough to go over the Internet.

The Distressed Mary Jane Marc Jacobs shoes are those classic open toed Mary Janes. These pairs are perfect add-ons to any woman’s wardrobe.

Presently, Marc Jacobs is the creative director of another luxurious fashion brand, Louis Vuitton. And because he works for them, with his products merged in with the latter’s products, Marc Jacobs shoes are a bit expensive than the ordinary designer shoes, but not as expensive as with the Louise Vuitton shoes.

If you want to have an elegant pair of shoes that do not look cheap but do not also go overboard, Marc Jacobs shoes are the perfect ones for you. They are proven ways for you to make a statement in your fashion trends. And I adore them for that.