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Posted on Dec 12, 2015 in Clothing

First Date Outfit? Here’s How To Nail It!

First Date Outfit? Here’s How To Nail It!

A first date always a very nervous occasion. Even the idea gives you exciting jitters. They say first impression is the last impression and first date is significant in this regards since it makes a lasting impression. Your ensemble reflects your taste and personality which is why you need to be very particular about what you choose for your first date.

We have condensed some of the most trusted tips from experts that can help you nail your outfit for the first date and come out looking both suave and confident.


First of all always remember to be yourself. Try to portray your personal style instead of a fabricated look. Avoid overdoing yourself; keep in mind ‘Less is more’. It is better to play casual or semi-formal since you do not want to overdo your styling and makeup thus overwhelming the other person.


The place where you have planned your first date has immense importance as it is the key factor to be considered while deciding on an outfit. Whether you are going for a coffee, a picnic or at some fancy restaurant, it is crucial to dress accordingly.

  • For a picnic or a casual hangout at some coffee spot, try to stick to your favorite pair of denim. You can pair this up with turtlenecks, an elegant waist belt and a pair of suede wedges. Avoid using lots of makeup and bold shades on your face; instead go for nude and matte hues.
  • Similarly if you are heading towards some fine dining restaurant, try to follow the dress code of that particular place. A black gown, long heels, swinging earrings and a little bold makeup will make you all alluring and glamorous for the night. However again try to maintain the balance in your overall look.
  • Avoid using shorts even if it summers. Replace them with some of the stylish skirt and a pair of slacks resting in your closet. This will give you more of a feminine look and you will look pretty and adorable.


There is nothing worse than continued fidgeting owing to your tight clothing at your fist date. Remember comfort of your attires is of particular significance. Similarly, you need to be comfortable with what you are wearing and confident of pulling off the look that you have chosen. Refrain from being too experimental on your first date. Men usually are not much aware with the recent trends, so avoid being too trendy. Try to go with the style you are most comfortable with. It will give you an opportunity to have a quality time with style.


Try to look a bit different than the crowd. Accessories, like ones by Valentino can help you in this regard. A funky pair of earrings or a vivid belt will get you the attention of your date and it will be easier for him to remember the day and to explore more about you and your uniqueness.


There is no harm in using your favorite scent, however avoid being overwhelming with your fragrance. Behind your ears, on your wrist and on your neck are best options for the application of your perfume. This will give you a pleasant smelling personality without being overpowering.

Be confident, Follow your style, be yourself and have a wonderful time.