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Posted on Jun 8, 2015 in Shoes

Chloe Shoes Reviews: You ladies are missing out on these!

Chloe Shoes Reviews: You ladies are missing out on these!

Both young and old alike love being seen in casual yet trendy and comfortable shoes. That is why; Chloe shoes are perfect choices for them. These shoe brands have always been well loved by everyone who prefers their shoes to be subtle in color with simple designs.

Chloe shoes are part of the ever changing and ever growing fashion collection of the 21st century. French Egyptian designer and creator named Gaby Aghion and Jacques Lenior founded the company in France middle of 1955. Like any aspiring business, they started out from small productions of fragrances as well as with accessories. Unlike big companies that hire their own in-house fashion designers, Chloe is doing another approach to further enhance their budding business.

That is why, in more than forty years of being in the fashion industry, Chloe has remained most in demand as far as style and versatility is concerned. This is because from time to time, they hire competent and talented designers with different ideas. Let us cite Karl Lagerfeld, the current creative director of another fashion brand named Fendi and Chanel. He has served the Chloe house for about two stints and he pioneered Chloe’s feminine image, which until today, are still very much preserved and appreciated. Another one is Martine Sitbon, who has the one who created Chloe’s collection of modern looks and trendy fashion ideas.

After a few years, in 1997, ex Beatle star Paul McCartney’s daughter, Stella McCartney, took over the position of creative director of the Chloe house, creating designs for camisoles and other signature pieces that are all ready-to-wear. McCartney, being an active animal rights activist, refuses to work on leather and fur, making her more loved by most people who go against wearing dresses made from fur. After her four-year stint in the Chloe house, she introduced then twenty-seven year old Phoebe Philo, which confused a lot of people in the fashion industry because apparently, Philo doesn’t have the necessary credentials and working experience to make it as a creative director on one of the world’s most popular fashion line. However, the young designer has proved everybody wrong. In fact, she designed bags and other collections that are “romantic and luxurious with a touch of quintessential France”. From then, she has created a number of the “it bags”, most in demand of which is the Paddington Bag who eventually a worldwide hit by the year 2004.

chloe shoes

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Early of 2006, Philo announced her resignation of the Chloe house, saying she needs to spend a lot of her time to her growing baby girl. With the resignation of Philo came Paulo Melim Andersson, the next creative designer of the Chloe house. The move of changing a designer to another is by far very effective, considering the fact that Chloe has remained well loved all these year. Chloe shoes are basically simple yet versatile. The Chloe boots, as well as the Chloe flats come in varied styles and shapes but its colors have always remained very simple and soft.

Chloe peep toe flats are also very trendy and they are one of the latest amongst the many collection of Chloe shoes. These flats are very versatile and look very chic and they are made from genuine leather, just like all of their other collections.

If you are that person who loves having all the attention, Chloe shoes are proven ways to get those interesting look from the public. They are trendy, they look casual and chic, and they are every girl’s dream to complete a totally fashionable get up.

Get yourself a new pair of Chloe shoes and see for yourself how much attention it could draw from the public eye.