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Posted on May 10, 2016 in Accessories

Bringing Back Tiaras: A Beautiful Accessory

Bringing Back Tiaras: A Beautiful Accessory

While we were young, a tiara was a must have in every princess themed party. Though the time wore on, even today the sight of a tiara is enough to send a familiar sensation down your spine…. that princess-y gown, sweet pink makeup and a gleaming tiara daintily perched on the top of your head.

Recently, the fashion houses brought a whole new look to the age old tiara fashion and the ramps witnessed the return of a much loved accessory in stylish colors and designs. Let’s take a blast to the past and see all the different kinds of tiaras that you can associate with your fashion regime today!


Designs inspired by Native American culture rocked the runways. The tiaras mostly featured rich printed textures as well as extravagant feather looks. The fringed dresses with feather details make the combo even more exotic.


Be a girl of the valley with a charming and sweet floral tiara. They not only incorporate a young and fresh look in your ensemble but also let you experiment with your own color and style choices. A natural way to add an extra dimension to your look!

floral tiara


Add a hip look to your style. Opt for a customized tiara bearing your favorite quote, an acclamation of your love or go the narcissist way and inscribe it with your initials. Let your tiara do the speaking for you.


Let your creativity shone through by wearing an abstractly designed tiara on your head. These abstract designed tiaras are a great way to infuse your look with a bold aura. It will ensure that the spot light remains fixed on you as you make a proud and distinctive statement with your tiara.


The elegant, rich and stylish gem encrusted tiaras are never out of fashion. Studded with pearls, gems, Swarovski and diamonds, these tiaras are the best way to accessorize any ball gown or formal dress.


Another interesting way of selecting a tiara is to choose it according to the specific event. From Halloween to Christmas to New Year, a variety of tiaras is readily available to reflect an interesting side of your personality.


The crystal encrusted tiaras are a hit with brides who want to be stylish yet elegant on their big day. From Diana to Duchess Middleton, there is a host of royal ladies that you can use as an inspiration for a perfect tiara as you take a walk down the aisle.

Though tiaras are a cute and stylish accessory, it is important that you invest some time in properly styling your hair. A tiara set atop a perfectly styled head is the best part of any ensemble. You can opt for side bun or a stylish knot at your nape. But if you feel like leaving your hair untied, it is better to opt for a half tied look.

Tiaras are a stylish accessory that can be worn by anyone without having to take your age group into consideration. Let your inner princess shine in the full glory of her confidence.

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Posted on May 3, 2015 in Accessories

Valentino Accessories Overview For You

Valentino Accessories Overview For You

If you have recently watched the movie the Devil Wears Prada, you have probably gained an idea on how some people practically live and breathe fashion. While some might entirely view it as a frivolous stuff, it has become one of the most lucrative lines of business all throughout the decades. There is just a massive market for fashionable clothing and other luxury items, as people seem to make it a major preoccupation to look their best and at the same time satisfy their need to enjoy the finer things in life.

A quick browse through the archives on the colorful history of today’s fashion empires, you will probably be astonished to discover that most of these multi-dollar companies practically started from scratch! So how did some of these exceptionally talented individual developed a keen sense of fashion when they reportedly wallowed in destitution with the kind of environment they grew up with? Genetics may have largely played a hand on this, or some cultural factors may have come contributed on the very fact that Italians have always taken precedence in the world of haute couture for as long as fashion have become a global obsession. And Valentino is definitely included on the top list of Italian designers who never failed to captivate the fashion industry with his own brand of approach in designing clothes.

What sets him part from the rest of the elite roster of designers is the fact that he is probably the only artist who has successfully combined the sophistication of Italian fashion and the charming style usually associated with French designs. This may have been mainly due to the fact that he was able to enjoy both fashion worlds during his growing up years and seem to have quietly imbibed the rich cultures of the two countries. With his astounding prowess in the fashion scene, he rightfully earned the label as the Golden Boy of Italian Couture, as he has set on to stun the rest of the world with him elaborate, flamboyant and often overly extravagant creations that flagrantly celebrated brazen designs for the rich and famous.

Valentino dresses

So when Valentino finally extended his product line to include fashion accessories, the fashion world was treated with that distinctive brand of ostentatious fashion that seems to attract fashionistas like honey to the bee. Among the loyal clientele of the Valentino accessories collection as well as other the company’s other line of luxury products are the prominent and affluent members of the society as well as top Hollywood celebrities that seem to adore most of his creations. Among the highly coveted products under the Valentino accessories are the stylish pieces of Valentino Handbags that have proven to be well worth every penny spent. If you are to shop for must-have accessory then the Valentino handbag, particularly the Buffalo flap satchel that is expertly designed featuring the soft buffalo leather with some intricate stitches and very elegant gold accents. Another must have accessory is the Knit Hobo that features an artistically embroidered designs in a taupe wool with some tonal beads and gold hardware than makes it an standout fashion piece.

The latest Valentino accessories collection also includes some exceptional pieces of Valentino sunglasses have truly makes a wonderful accent in any outfit and completes any of your fashion ensemble. Oversized sunglasses are the current rage today, and Valentino offers its own version of celebrity sunglasses that presents a wonderful compromise of both style and function.

So if you are thinking on investing on some designer products, it’s best to pick out the globally renowned brand that has judiciously retained its impeccable reputation all throughout the decades. A Valentino product is definitely a welcome addition to any woman’s wardrobe collection.

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Posted on Apr 2, 2015 in Accessories

Accessorize with Jones New York for a Complete Wardrobe

Accessorize with Jones New York for a Complete Wardrobe

It’s all about breathing luxury at your own fingertips.

Jones New York has been heading in the apparel and footwear business. It has established its name for arête in product excellence and worth as well as in operational execution. Their acclaimed vision is to ignite desire, instill confidence, and stimulate compliments. Perfect enough for a perfect clothing industry leader of today.

The Jones Apparel has division of different lines specially catering the customer’s fashion desires. It is shredded into Better Apparel, Bridge and Designer Apparel, Footwear, Accessories and Jewelry; Junior Apparel and Denim; and the Moderate Apparel and Denim. It also has its licensed divisions in Dockers, Givenchy Jewelry and J.G. Hook.

Each division is made up of different famous fashion brands . Together they successfully build an empire of fashion saga inspired by listening to what their individual customers’ needs and wishes are. Through those few committed partners in their fashion kingdom, they were able to keep up the valise of world – renowned, fascinating brands. Among the “chosen ones” are Nine West, Anne Klein, Bandolino, Kasper, Easy Spirit, Le Suit, Erika, Jeanstar, GLO Jeans, Gloria Vanderbeit and many others. For nearly 40 years, they have embodied and long – established to be novel, consumer – focused and competent player in the clothing business.

jones new york clothing

Attribution @ Mike Mozart

Jones New York merchandises and designs a broad lineup of products that includes the Jones New York accessories, sportswear, jeanswear, suits, dresses, menswear, shoes and costume jewelry. New York handbags are one of the picks of the chic women. It presents your choice of hobo style made of naked pebble leather, or a simple yet chic shoulder bag. The designer also introduces Jones New York ties that you can choose from either accentuated, alternating stripes, dotted, outlined or plainly elegant-looking neckwear.

Year 1991 when Jones New York was included in the prestigious listings of New York Stock Exchange. Sales and profits boost until the company reached the billion dollar sales level in the year 1996. Each year, the company has purchased several labels to include in their fashion niche. The year 2002 was a significant year for the company having completed its acquisition of various clothing companies, not to mention, those leading manufacturers of the affordable jeanswear. Then follows the all the other brand labels that contributed to the vast expansion of the company.

One of the company’s brands like Judith Jack also puffs up its enduring set of jewelry creations that is distinguished for its unique and sophisticated craftsmanship. It features marcasite stones hand-made in sterling silver and often intensified with authentic semi – precious stones. The brand exhibits a far – reaching gamut of earrings, bracelets, brooches, rings and necklaces. Givenchy, another Jones New York brand is also a leading jewelry distributor for the company. Jones New York also has a wide selection of dresses, cardigans and skirts made from comfortable clothing materials befitting any occasions. They come from the brands, Pappagallo, Easy Spirit and some others. Their shoe brand labels also swank its must – have footwear. Nine West, Bandolino and other shoe company initiate its creation.

No wonder Jones New York became a Fortune 500 company and continues to lead the fashion market in crafting and featuring footwear, branded apparel, and accessories. The company also directly markets through their chain of branches and stores operating the Barneys New York chain of luxury stores.

Sidney Kimmel founded the Jones New York and became the President of the Apparel Division. The dynamic force following the Jones New York sensation is the product of remarkable hard work, harmony, and commitment among the brand labels and the company itself.

Feel light and take in luxury just like breathing air with Jones New York accessories and apparels.

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