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Valentino Accessories Overview For You

Posted by on May 3, 2015 in Accessories | 0 comments

If you have recently watched the movie the Devil Wears Prada, you have probably gained an idea on how some people practically live and breathe fashion. While some might entirely view it as a frivolous stuff, it has become one of the most lucrative lines of business all throughout the decades. There is just a massive market for fashionable clothing and other luxury items, as people seem to make it a major preoccupation to look their best and at the same time satisfy their need to enjoy the finer things in life.

A quick browse through the archives on the colorful history of today’s fashion empires, you will probably be astonished to discover that most of these multi-dollar companies practically started from scratch! So how did some of these exceptionally talented individual developed a keen sense of fashion when they reportedly wallowed in destitution with the kind of environment they grew up with? Genetics may have largely played a hand on this, or some cultural factors may have come contributed on the very fact that Italians have always taken precedence in the world of haute couture for as long as fashion have become a global obsession. And Valentino is definitely included on the top list of Italian designers who never failed to captivate the fashion industry with his own brand of approach in designing clothes.

What sets him part from the rest of the elite roster of designers is the fact that he is probably the only artist who has successfully combined the sophistication of Italian fashion and the charming style usually associated with French designs. This may have been mainly due to the fact that he was able to enjoy both fashion worlds during his growing up years and seem to have quietly imbibed the rich cultures of the two countries. With his astounding prowess in the fashion scene, he rightfully earned the label as the Golden Boy of Italian Couture, as he has set on to stun the rest of the world with him elaborate, flamboyant and often overly extravagant creations that flagrantly celebrated brazen designs for the rich and famous.

Valentino dresses

So when Valentino finally extended his product line to include fashion accessories, the fashion world was treated with that distinctive brand of ostentatious fashion that seems to attract fashionistas like honey to the bee. Among the loyal clientele of the Valentino accessories collection as well as other the company’s other line of luxury products are the prominent and affluent members of the society as well as top Hollywood celebrities that seem to adore most of his creations. Among the highly coveted products under the Valentino accessories are the stylish pieces of Valentino Handbags that have proven to be well worth every penny spent. If you are to shop for must-have accessory then the Valentino handbag, particularly the Buffalo flap satchel that is expertly designed featuring the soft buffalo leather with some intricate stitches and very elegant gold accents. Another must have accessory is the Knit Hobo that features an artistically embroidered designs in a taupe wool with some tonal beads and gold hardware than makes it an standout fashion piece.

The latest Valentino accessories collection also includes some exceptional pieces of Valentino sunglasses have truly makes a wonderful accent in any outfit and completes any of your fashion ensemble. Oversized sunglasses are the current rage today, and Valentino offers its own version of celebrity sunglasses that presents a wonderful compromise of both style and function.

So if you are thinking on investing on some designer products, it’s best to pick out the globally renowned brand that has judiciously retained its impeccable reputation all throughout the decades. A Valentino product is definitely a welcome addition to any woman’s wardrobe collection.

Hurley Clothing: A mission for the younger crowd

Posted by on May 3, 2015 in Clothing | 0 comments

Hurley’s mission is to put hip, regale and flaunt fashion in all its grandeur – distinctively.
Its promise resulted to the creation of rock, punk, and skater combined fashion craze that truly outstands from any other fashion brand labels.

Avril Lavigne is one star that represents the teenybopper look of Hurley’s fashion. Some other punk celebrities brought Hurley fashion into the peak of the fashion empire. Popular pop – punk band like Blink 182 in their early years would frequently don Hurley apparels. Bob Hurley founded this water sports and music – inspired clothing company in the late 70’s. It used to have a brand label Hurley Surfboards. Originally, the company is located in Costa Mesa, California. The founder used to work as a surfboard shaper for various companies and eventually became prominent and hailed as one of the premiere shapers in Southern California.

Being so engrossed in surfboard market, he thought of opening his own surf shop in the United States. Hurley made a proposal to get a license from the up – and – coming Australian surf brand Billabong clothing. As a result, Bob Hurley was able to exclusively form the Billabong USA in 1982, recent years after he got famous for his skills in surfboard shaping. He personally handled the designing, manufacturing, marketing, and sales responsibility in the US, successfully placing his franchised Billabong USA among the million – worth apparel company.

However, he was not able to extend his Billabong brand licensing when it expired. It was a blessing in disguise though for it gave birth to the Hurley International in 1998. The company had a teenage fashion outbreak around the states in America, spontaneously changing the active wear industry of the youth. With verve and brainwave, it launched its first line of active wear for men, boys, kids and juniors along with the Hurley’s accessories and wetsuits.

Hurley clothing aside from manufacturing sports surfboard shorts and other water sports apparels or wetsuits also prides its creations with its Hurley Accessories like embroidered hats, Hurley belts, spacious bags and purses.

Hurley clothing has a line of expressive apparels especially its famous shirts printed with eye – catching graphic designs. As the company made expansions, it introduced its Hurly sweats and t – shirts. Its classic white t – shirts are not the typical lousy and bland shirts you can see. It deliberates feminine and charm that will clinch any outfit, even any body types. To match the shirt are the skirts that will train off the typical rock star style of a Hurley aficionado. Versatile Hurley’s sweatshirt for men is one dandy apparel of this brand label that also looks good on women.

avril lavigne hurley

Attribution @ Lara Gonçalves

Choosing Hurley clothing designs does not mean shelling out a whooping amount of money. The average cost for the apparels are found to be less than $60. Some are even as low as $20. Skirts and jackets generally cost more than the Hurley’s Accessories but still affordable enough for Hurley’s target youth community. It is apparently nominal compare to the other leading fashion labels in the market today. Their designs are meant to target a twenty – something audience, below or above that age, thus they want to parallel their client’s needs and capability.

Aside from Avril Lavigne and Blink 182 who comfortably sport the leading signature brand, Kristin Cavallari, a high profile celebrity that stars in Laguna Beach also enjoys the Hurley’s fidgety look. Hurley International was sold to Nike in 2002.

Hurley is all about defining fashion aesthetically at the same time, building an image far from what is conventional. They have been known for its designs that set a theme of freedom, individualism and enthusiasm.

I adore Marc Jacobs Shoes and Here’s Why

Posted by on Mar 15, 2015 in Shoes | 0 comments

The way how you carry yourself speaks for what kind of person you are. Consequently, the way how you dress yourself defines how good or bad your taste is. That is why, choosing the right apparels with the proper accessories and shoes that go along with it is very important. Marc Jacobs shoes are just perfect for you.

In a world where people are getting more and more particular with their looks, everything has to be carefully planned: the choices of dresses, the colors, and the accessories. Having the perfect pair of shoes plays a major role in complementing your over-all look. Marc Jacobs shoes are capable enough to meet their clients’ satisfaction for a look that is subtle yet presentable and elegant in some ways.

A known American fashion designer named Marc Jacobs, born April 9, 1963, founds these shoe brands. Being born and raised in New York City, the young Marc Jacobs was exposed to the fashion world at a very early age. That is why he decided to enroll in the prestigious High School of Arts and Design, where he graduated in the year 1981. From there, he enrolled the Parsons School of Design in New York City, where he eventually won an award call the Perry Ellis Gold thimble Award by 1984. During that same year, he also garnered an award from the Chester Weiberg Gold Thimble Award and also the Design Student of the Year Award. Obviously, his consistent awards can speak for itself what a great and efficient designer Marc Jacobs is.

While still inside the fashion design schools, Jacobs was inspired to design his very first collection of hand-knitted sweaters. During that time, the young designer formed a partnership with another known fashion brand named Jacobs Duffy Designs Inc. Two years after, Jacobs has successfully launched his very own collections, this time bearing his own Marc Jacob label. Because of that, he was awarded by The Council of Fashion Designers of America, a Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent; the youngest designer to receive the most prestigious award in the fashion industry.

marc jacobs shoes

Attribution @ Kristin Kokkersvold

The budding fashion designer continued to soar high, creating designs and styles that cater particularly to women. Again, in 1992, he was awarded the Women’s Designer of the Year Award for his many designs for women of all ages. Following his training form the prestigious designing school, he created a new collection of products, like other fashion accessories, focusing on light and pastel colors. But the Marc Jacobs shoes collections are more on dark colors like black and brown. The Calf leather boots from Marc Jacobs boots have chic designs, made from genuine leather. These stunning pairs are chic enough to draw attention every step that you take. It has contrasting subtle topstitching, which makes these pair loom more elegant and sophisticated. You can have these Marc Jacobs shoes for about six hundred fifty dollars, though there are some discount Marc Jacobs shoes available if you are patient enough to go over the Internet.

The Distressed Mary Jane Marc Jacobs shoes are those classic open toed Mary Janes. These pairs are perfect add-ons to any woman’s wardrobe.

Presently, Marc Jacobs is the creative director of another luxurious fashion brand, Louis Vuitton. And because he works for them, with his products merged in with the latter’s products, Marc Jacobs shoes are a bit expensive than the ordinary designer shoes, but not as expensive as with the Louise Vuitton shoes.

If you want to have an elegant pair of shoes that do not look cheap but do not also go overboard, Marc Jacobs shoes are the perfect ones for you. They are proven ways for you to make a statement in your fashion trends. And I adore them for that.